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Mar 28, 2023

After helping over 1,400 students through our programs and coaching, we’ve noticed common mistakes that keep entrepreneurs from great messaging. And it’s not the strategy you use… Because when you have powerful messaging, then practically any strategy works! But without it, then the strategies do not work.


In this episode, I’m sitting down with parenting coach and New Generation Mastery head coach, Rachel Duffy, to discuss these mistakes. Learn more about the mistakes and the paradigm shifts students make in order to unlock your own powerful messaging! Listen in as we discuss the #1 problem our students trip up all over, what the “testing phase” looks and feels like for successful messaging, a powerful reframe to help you 10x your traction, and how to position both yourself and your offer as the solution (and ultimately more sales). You’ll also hear the ONE question Rachel asks herself when she’s at a business crossroads to help make the next right decision.


You could be just one shift away from powerful messaging and more engagement and sales than ever before.


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