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Feb 21, 2023

Strategy is rarely the problem. It results in about 10-15% of your success. But I’ve seen entrepreneurs do really well with both live launching and evergreen. Why? With the right messaging, you can flow between both and sell in many different strategies. The major determining factor is not your strategy, it’s your messaging, and the typical misstep I see entrepreneurs make is what I call “guess messaging.” This is when you put the strategy first and fill in the messaging with what you think will work. There’s a MUCH better way.


On this episode of the podcast, I’m digging into testing and how to use messaging that works from day one. Testing is one of our three phases in the New Generation Mastery program, and it’s one you’ll use throughout the life of your business. Listen in and discover a look inside our program’s testing phase and how to use it in your business, dangerous strategy advice and the blending method I prefer that leads to better results, how I create a webinar topic, and so much more.

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