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Jul 5, 2022

When it comes to negotiation and learning persuasive communication people get uncomfortable. I want to help you pay less and save more. Because whether it’s you walking your dog this morning so your wife can take the kids to school, or choosing your second favorite brunch place because your good friend likes to eat outside... negotiating is a part of our everyday life.


In this episode, I’m sharing negotiating tactics for paying less that apply to your personal life as well as your business. Listen in and discover feel-good negotiating tips for saving money, real-life examples of using these practices, how I negotiated a quote from 40k to 24k (and we both came out with a win-win), and mindset secrets to feeling more confident when buying so you can save money. My goal is to help you sharpen your negotiating skills and save tons of money on your business, and your personal life! So listen in and save money.


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