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Jun 11, 2024

I remember starting my first business and feeling like everything was on my shoulders. Retirement, insurance, writing myself a paycheck (when I could)... I kept wondering how everyone else was doing it! Because $5,000 in revenue was not $5,000 in the bank. But what I didn’t understand was the difference between a money machine and a wealth machine. And this difference saved my business – and my retirement.


So if you want to start building your wealth outside of your business, don’t miss this exclusive interview with the one and only Mel Abraham, a CPA and entrepreneur with decades of experience. Listen in and discover how to build your business and your wealth in a way YOU love, the most common stressors with money and how to break free, how to build a money machine AND a wealth machine, and the 5 types of income and how you can tap into more without working harder. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know Mel is the one who helped me transform my income from $40k in debt to where I am today. And as Mel says, “Wealth creation is a muscle group.”


Start building the habits and behaviors to grow your own wealth creating muscles so you can reach your income goals so much faster (and with way fewer headaches).


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