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Aug 15, 2023

There are a lot of standards and “normalities” in online marketing, like video series launches, 30-day challenges, masterclass launches, and so on. But few question where these terms, philosophies, and frameworks come from and how to improve them. And the day you realize that each of these was once created by someone at some point and then over time it became normal… your life will change forever. Why? Because you’ll realize YOU can do the exact same thing.


Terms you create can shift the market, become certifications, help more people, and so much more. And I’m breaking it all down on this episode. Want a high-impact business? Listen in and discover how you can use “terminology” to shift industry norms, when to start creating your own terms, examples from my own business and high-performing clients using this mastery, and creative ideas on using them and creating messaging that lives beyond you. If you’re focus is on creating a bigger impact, as opposed to more sales… then you’ll want to master terminology in your business.


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