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Dec 27, 2022

This year brought lots of change for me and my business. For us, our amazing integrator, Taylor, left the business (on wonderful terms), I moved from my home state to Arizona, we shifted the business to a high-ticket evergreen model, and we’re trying things we never did before. If you had told 2021 Brandon all this would happen, I can’t say I would have believed you!  But it left me with a lot of powerful lessons I learned in 2022 that have made me so much stronger. 


In honor of the new year, I wanted to review 2022 by bringing you my top 8 business lessons learned through it all. Tune in and learn 8 powerful business lessons I learned, why we’re shifting in my business and how I knew it was time, how to move from a mindset of “go-go” and “more-more” to peace with where you are, and the best way to gain momentum in business. Each of these lessons is a huge blessing and has given me so much more personal power. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this episode and the lessons you’ve learned this past year! 


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