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Sep 20, 2022

We hear it all the time in business... "Focus on sales. Generate revenue. Build revenue." Gurus in the space lean in and teach how to create more income for your business. But no one really sits down and tells you what to do with the money once it comes in, where to invest it, and how to keep your company safe (or even how to keep your personal income safe). There’s only one person, one mentor that I turn to with money questions and he’s literally shifted everything for me.


That person is Mel Abraham and on this episode of the podcast, I'm sitting down with him to talk about what you can be doing right now to grow your revenue outside of your business, plus what you should be doing with the money made to keep it safe. So tune in and discover the one thing entrepreneurs get wrong, how you can be educated, empowered, and enabled to take control of their financial future, why Mel disagrees with paying off all of your debt before investing, and how to truly measure your life.


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