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Dec 20, 2022

Over the past four years, we’ve focused more on paid ads than we have on growing organically. While I love organic growth (and believe you must have both organic and paid in your business for optimal results), paid ads will help you scale faster. In fact, we’ve spent over $1.1 million on ads, scaled quickly, and learned tons of valuable lessons along the way.


This episode is dedicated to breaking down what lessons we learned and how you can accelerate your growth with ads, too. Listen in and discover how we 10x’ed our ad effectiveness from 2019 to now, why I don’t love surveys and how I pull information instead, how to bring in the most qualified leads you’ve ever had, and my favorite ways to shift perspective in your ad copy. Over the years, our ads have gotten significantly more effective and it’s because of the methods, processes, and messaging I share in this podcast episode. Ready for better ads in your business? Let’s get started!


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