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May 28, 2024

We all have insecurities and negative patterns we fall into like guilting or victimhood. This can take the form of thoughts like, "Why am I not 'there' yet?", or, "What’s wrong with me? Why Can’t I figure this out?" It’s especially easy to fall into these thoughts and emotions when starting something new like a business. But what most people don’t realize is how destructive these thoughts can be. Because the focus becomes everything else EXCEPT fixing the problem and coming up with solutions. Your mission in business should be to move forward, get clear on the how, and take action.


If you want to overcome these destructive thoughts or become more self-aware, join me for the latest episode of the New Generation Podcast! Listen in and discover how to escape destructive thoughts, the difference between blaming yourself and taking responsibility, establishing clear boundaries in your business (and who controls your message), and how to push past fear and take action. The breakthroughs I share in this episode have helped me break out of, and for some, become more aware of, destructive thoughts holding me back – I think you’ll love what’s inside this episode.


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