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Dec 25, 2021

As an online entrepreneur, it is crucial that you make a name for yourself and your method, because if you're making consistent sales but still feel like you have to grind and hustle to bring them in, you may be stuck at the Traction Entrepreneur level. This is where you can start taking the steps to be known as someone who is changing your space entirely, not just another expert in a sea of experts.


In this episode, I will be sharing what it means to be at Level 4 of Message Evolvement, aka The Traction Entrepreneur level.


If you're at this level and ready to get to Level 5 where you are starting to be KNOWN for your Intellectual Property and thought of as someone who is changing the space, this episode is for you!


Want more information on the 6 levels of message evolvement? Tune in to Episode 93!


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