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Aug 1, 2023

When I first started my business eleven years ago, I was on the verge of a panic attack and $40K in debt. Now I’ll spend over $200K on ads without blinking an eye, and the difference isn’t that I have more money. It’s how I deal with fear. Because yes, fear still comes up in my day-to-day life and business, but I have more tools, personal power, and reframes to help me through it and decide with confidence what will truly be best for my family and business.


Want to learn more about these tools? I delivered a training all about releasing fear in a two-day live event with my New Generation Mastery students, and in this episode, I’m sharing it with you! Listen in and discover the origins of fear and a deeper understanding of where it comes from, what to do with “questioning” and when to take action, the power of reframes and a few of my favorites, and strategic ways to build your personal power and strength in the face of fear. Dealing with fear and building your personal power is a practice, and these strategies and ideas are meant to help you exit the fear faster (and become more aware of it in your life and business).


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