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Oct 11, 2022

If you knew your message, what you stand for, and what you teach would be embraced by everyone around you, would you be showing up exactly as you are now? I see way too many entrepreneurs avoiding haters and judgment from others instead of sharing their message. This can look like not posting authentically, not speaking your mind, or holding back so you don’t offend or upset anyone. Because the truth is, haters exist.


In this episode, I’m sharing what’s really going on with haters and exactly how to deal with it. Listen in and discover, how to stand in your truth even in the face of negativity. healthy boundaries for you and your team to implement, the healing process I’ve been through in my own journey with haters, and internal work that helps you overcome the fear. It’s time to confidently share your message so you can have peace of mind, internal happiness, and help more people with your knowledge!


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