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Jun 10, 2022

I started my business broke and living with my in-laws. I tried LOTS of different strategies, frameworks, and online courses… but there was ONE move that fast-tracked my success the most and that's when I worked with James Wedmore. He showed me how to launch, systemize my business, market, and put a course together, and most importantly, he helped me turn my business into a machine. Since then, I’ve mentored hundreds of students inside of Business By Design on how to do the same.


In this episode, I'm breaking down how you could get 6 figures within 6 months and systemize your business just like James did for me. Listen in and discover the 8 focus areas for fast results when you join BBD through our link, why creating a program is NOT your first profitable step, the processes needed to scale the business quickly and efficiently, and what you can accomplish in the first 6-months to help you scale in the future. I want you to make money first, and then grow with profitable assets (which I break down in this episode!)


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