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Aug 22, 2023

If you have a podcast or you’re thinking about starting a podcast… then you’re going to love this episode. For my business, podcasting has been one of the best content platforms for growth. But, until now I haven’t talked much about how we did it or shared much about podcasts at all. So I’m bringing in a pro, Courtney Elmer, who specializes in podcasting.


Courtney is the founder of The Effortless Life and the creator of Pod Launch, and she helps entrepreneurs stop spinning their wheels on social media, launch a top 1% podcast, and position themselves as an in-demand thought leader in their niche. Following her process, you grow a strong listenership for your podcast while growing your business.


Ready to get the podcast secrets for high rankings and more clients? Listen in and discover launching secrets for ranking high from the start, the 4 gatekeepers for bringing in the right listeners, content ideas for bringing in clients and growing your business, and long-term growth, ranking, and how to keep people’s attention. 


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