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Mar 21, 2023

Struggling to sell your product or offer? It’s not about convincing them they need “you” and it’s not about modules, videos, PDFs, and downloads (or even special bonuses). Instead, it’s about helping people come to their own conclusion that what you’re offering is the best solution. You want to persuade, influence, and communicate in a way that people come to their own conclusions about whether they want to work with you or not. When you’re able to do this and communicate in this way, the offer details become almost irrelevant because they already want to buy.


How is this done? In this episode, I’m sharing my unique process and never before shared content. Listen in and discover my process for creating content that pulls in people and creates demand before you make an offer, the two sorts of trust you need to build to generate more sales, the four quadrants of content to bring in the right audience, and how we’ve been able to spend over $3M in ads and be profitable for every dollar spent. The process I’m sharing with you has helped our New Generation Mastery students bring in emails, and hundreds of DMs from people won want to work with them ASAP!


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