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Nov 29, 2022

In this episode, I’m sitting down with a New Generation Mastery Coach, Susan Choi, who helps sensitive leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs learn how to achieve emotional and identity mastery. And, especially since the past few years have been intense for everyone, she’s sharing how to deal with difficult emotions. What’s tricky is sometimes we’ll make decisions based on “unseen” emotions and never even know it. This can lead to stress or feeling stuck – and we don’t want this for you!


So tune in and discover how to see emotions instead of feeling them, if unseen emotions are getting in your way, a process for dealing with emotions you're experiencing, and how you can bring this practice into your family for healing as well. There are several ways to get stuck in an emotion and Susan’s insight and coaching is incredibly helpful. You’ll even hear me work through an unseen emotion I had no clue I was holding onto…


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