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Oct 25, 2022

What if you could make selling easier, faster, and even more fun? Because as an expert in your field, I’m going to assume selling isn’t your favorite thing to do, likely because you’re good at what you do and are more focused on those expert skills! Well, that’s what today's guest noticed with their clients.


On this episode, I'm joined by Nicole Culver who, with her husband, helps experts get weekly sales on evergreen but without the old-school automated type of webinar evergreen. They created a unique model based on buying behavior to bring in the 15% who are ready to buy NOW repeatedly. Tune in to hear Nicole and I chat about their proven evergreen model, how much I spent on ads for customers who didn’t convert and what we’re going to do about it, astounding client results and examples from entrepreneurs ready to change the world, and authentic, unscripted ways to sell that are easier, faster, and more fun than the typical launch model.


In 2016, Nicole would’ve said it takes 9 months for her audience to buy. Using this model, she’s making sales in one week. This is a huge difference in sales for any business and you can learn all about it in this episode.


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