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Nov 8, 2022

Everyone is replaceable, including you and me. I’m certainly replaceable. And, not just in my industry, but in my kids’ life, marriage, friendships, etc. It’s important to recognize this and not take anything for granted. And, when it comes to running your business, keeping this top of mind helps you stand out. So, how do you stand out? How do you keep the edge and become irreplaceable?


In this episode, I’m sharing how to stand out and be irreplaceable in your industry. Listen in and learn the easiest way to stand out in your space, what not to do, what happens when you don’t honor your dharma, and where I spend most of my time to maintain the edge. Plus, I’ll share the three areas to identify if you are irreplaceable in your space. This is the same teaching I use with my students in my programs. Because, the truth is, if you don’t step up, someone else will at some point. So, why not you?


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