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Nov 28, 2023

One of the biggest marketing mistakes I see entrepreneurs make is solely talking about solutions and avoiding the problems. Solutions sound great! They’re exciting and motivating, but if your audience can’t see themselves getting there, then they will not buy. But talking about their problems doesn’t have to mean “icky” sales messaging or digging into their pain.


This time we're throwing it back to an older episode because this topic is more relevant than ever and I'm going to be diving into how to truly meet your audience where they are with messaging that connects on a deeper level. Listen in and learn my 3-step process for quickly improving your communication, a simple shift to meet your audience where they are, examples and stories to help see it through in your business, and the quick go-to exercise for implementing this marketing shift.


Your audience wants a problem solved. Build trust with this marketing strategy and shift that will help you bring in more sales with happy customers on the other end.


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